Thursday 27 January 2022

Plague and Procrastination...#covid #writing #amwriting #WritingCommunity #Readers #Reading #ReadingCommunity


Blank Pages Mocking Me

Well it happened, Dear Reader. The plague has struck our house in the form of two wee boys. The youngest turned 8 on Friday and had a positive test on Monday. What a way to celebrate! The 11 yr old promptly joined in the fun. Symptoms ranged from sick tummies to hacking coughs with a few brief periods between where they felt ok. Thankfully both have had one vaccination so far which seems to mitigate the affliction. 
The adults, including my 89 year old mother remain clear, so far. Antigen tests are being done with what we Irish all a "Flaithulach" attitude, meaning extravagant. I can't wait two days to test, it's every morning and just be grateful I'm not making ye do it every afternoon too. To add to my misery, I have a raging sore throat which is either the dreaded Covid or the antigen test has pushed my general sinus lurgy into my throat. Take your pick,
Of course enforced isolation should mean that I've got lots done. Hah! Goes to show what you know. OF COURSE I've procrastinated like a dithering hen. I find the fact of covid in the house stressful, and 90% of my brain is engaged in resolutely not thinking about all the horror stories of kids in hospital on ventilators. I have two books to work on right now, fiction and non-fiction, and what do I go and do? Start writing a Caroline Jordan Short Story for Valentine's Day. The Case of the Spearheaded Bog Spider is coming soon, unless I test positive in which case I'll be too busy cursing and wailing in the back garden. Fun, either way,
To inspire me I've been playing around with Doodly, a gift from my beloved Mr. I panicked a bit at first, I just couldn't see past the initial learning curve, but thanks to his calm explanation, I have managed to create a rough but not-too-bad video. I'll share it on here later. I'd work on the podcast/vlog but the STATE of me today, no one wants to see this level of swamp-witch. This isn't procrastination, it's an act of charity.
Hope this finds you all plague free and productive but for those who are neither, you are my people. I salute you.