Tuesday 18 October 2022

#bookreview The Reaper of Justice, Anne Frehill - #irishfiction #ireland #irishwarofindependence #revolutionaryIreland

"Reapers of Justice" Anne Frehill


Set during one of my favourite periods of Irish history, the revolutionary years between the Rising and Independence, Reapers of Justice is the story of a young schoolteacher, Sarah Murphy, in love with a freedom fighter, Sean . 
Through the story of their tumultuous love, we see the friction, upheaval and danger of those years juxtaposed against the strict social and moral conventions of the era. As events unfold Sarah must confront dark secrets of her own family past while navigating the danger around her.

Sarah is a sympathetic main character, who finds herself increasingly trapped because of her marriage to Sean. The era is well researched, with real events and characters woven into the narrative. The social details are especially well drawn. A very engaging story, well told - definitely recommend to lovers of historical fiction, romance, Irish themes

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