Tuesday 30 January 2007

Irish and brain atrophy

Well the Gael Linn course started last night. My poor brain, accustomed as it's become over recent years to the more esoteric studies of mythology, reconstructionism, occultism and general strangeness, found the rigours of good old fashioned classroom teaching quite a shock. At first it went into a blind panic, refused to communicate and did the mental equivalent of sneaking off round the back and having a cigarette while all the other organs tried to compensate for its absence. Hence copious note taking and solemn eyecontact and head nodding everytime the Múinteoir stared at me. It didn't help that he seeemed determined to deliver his entire lecture directly to me, out of everyone in the room though that may have been slight paranoia on my part.
But once it had calmed down it not only managed to participate but it managed to pull some long forgotten words and phrases from the dusty files down in the basement. Admittedly the lesson concentrated on things like "cónas atá tú?" and "Ba mhaith leat glinne Fion Dearg?" and other handy social phrases but the teacher managed to remind us of such things as grammar, spelling etc while at it.
The funniest part was when we all had to turn to each other and speak. My immediate nieghbour and I introduced ourselves about 20 times, learning to say "how are you? " "where are you from?" til we were sick of the sight of each other. But it was fun, a freindly buinch and most importantly all willing to make asses of themselves spluttering and stammering out the few words of Irish. Fun, and already I've learnt something.

A litle worried that I will miss both lessons next week but so will at least two other people so I'm hoping it won't set me back terribly. I may invest in an Irish grammar and see if I can;t pull myself up a bit more while away.....


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