Thursday 25 January 2007

Things that amused me today...

Some things that interested me today:

Human Skull Mounted as Trophy

Prooving that our ancestors had a robust view of interior decoration and rather different ideas about what constitutes "tasteful"

Wouldn't you Love to Live here?

Okay so as has been pointed out to me I would be a dilittante and of course would insist that it was heated to the max, and had all mod cons and really only want to live there because it's cute but just think - Irish Poet writes about pagan nature in a house like that! I'd sell books, so I would!

Modern Pagans Honour Zeus in Athens

How nice it is, I think Zeus deserves it much as He isn't one of my lot.

and finally I shouldn't laugh - but.....

Australians Mourn Gnomesville Massacre


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