Friday 19 January 2007

Toast and Belgian Chocolates An apology to Aengus ÓG

An Apology to Aengus Óg (Work in Progress)

Usually I find the first lines of a poem come unbidden; sometimes an almost complete poem arrives in the head but more often it is the "kernel" the little grit in the heart of the pearl, fully formed and pointing in a given direction. Occasionally those lines end up being the middle or the end but again, more often than not it's the start.

Of course I often find I am incapable of living up to the promise those heaven sent lines show, but if that happens I just put it aside and come back. At the moment I have a neatly wrapped present from the muse and have to try to build something worthwhile on it. For a variety of personal reasons i want this one to come out well (which of course means my most heartfelt sentiments will sound trite and clichéd and my deepest emotions facile and shallow!)

Toast and Belgian Chocolate

We breakfast on toast and
Belgian chocolate;
dine on kisses,
sleep on promises
soft as feather beds.
It's not meant to be this easy, you said.

I disagree. I have fought my battles
and plead my case - Aengus owes me
for the many nights of lonely heroism,
stoic facing down of single combat.

We move in a shy dance
through past and present;
signpost failures,
and flag our successes;
with some aplomb
lay both at each other's feet.

I remark His presence
in the irony
of our sudden being -
laughing at our surprise
and tricking us out
in His favours, while we stare.

I owe Him an apology, unreserved
for the simple pleasure I recieve
in the giving and recieving of a kiss
warming cold lips before we leave.

January 2007 Geraldine Moorkens Byrne


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