Wednesday 14 February 2007

Anti-Valentines: Poems of Love - Sort of

Well to counteract the mushiness posted this morning (though frankly still in an exceedingly mushy frame of mind!) here are some Anti-Valentines to leaven the recipe. The PPP used to hold an annual Anti-Valentine event, inviting poems on the theme of not being in lvoe, love going sour, love hurts, and of course the perrenial classic "all men are bastards" although the male members of the PPP have put their foot down about that!

so here's to bitter, twisted, heat seeking, revengeful, cynical Anti-valentines: because we've all been there once or twice!

The Pass.

Sleep by me, he says,
as if
It would be nothing,
a graceful gesture,
like coffee on a workday afternoon.

We are estranged but not strangers.
And it
would be worse than mundane,
a social crime,
not to remain friends, my ex-lover says

And friends, he smiles his urbane smile
at times
seek comfort in
each other arms and beds
a very cosmopolitan affair, my good friend said

but I am urban not urbane;
I see
Your treaty flag as false
A pirate on the matrimonial sea
And I decline the salad and you, over lunch.

GMB 2000

The Love Poem

You write out your love in fine letters
and point out the truths of my heart
Fine words of devotion, drenched in emotion
aimed at my soul like a dart.

I read them and try to ignore you
the eager desire in your eyes
determined detection, demanding affection
provoking me just to tell lies

I sit with your verse in my two hands
and swear that they rival Shakespeare
seem to attract you, I just can't distract you
you simper and pucker and leer.

I think I will keep this last effort,
the love it professes is
it may serve a function, when I seek an
the law says that stalking is wrong.

Oh god will this nightmare be over?
I cringe at the rythym and rhyme
I blush at the meaning and pray that I'm dreaming
-you say you've been published this time?

Well,my life is over I know it.
You stuck me in the title, I see.
so there's no doubt at all, when you say 'living doll'
the unfortunate referred to is me!

And Angel and Fairy and Sweet-heart
and what is that last bit again.
Ah yes, I'm excited, madly delighted
to be known as your soft fluffy hen.

No, really. Thanks. A lot.

GMB 2000

Lisa D is getting wed

lisa D.
the belle of half a dozen balls
who took a thousand calls
curtained, or otherwise
is getting wed
now ball and chain
where once was piece of fluff
is it enough, she wonders
to really really like?

When lisa d was like me, we used to dream
of white and cream
we played bridesmaid
we played bride
while mothers cried with maternal pride
and we were going to be famous
before we married a charming prince
much has happened since those summer days.

I stand gowned to her attend,
lisa d who was my friend
and by talking through the guest list one more time,
we may avoid saying goodbye.
for lisa d is getting wed. lisa d
is getting hitched.
Lisa d is shackled now.

GMB 2000


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