Thursday 8 February 2007

The Children of Lir Sailed into Bantry Bay

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The Children of Lir Sailed into Bantry Bay
Four white breasts abreast in the blue harbour
How are you faring, i asked for something to say
Heartbroken at their endless wandering selves.

We are fine, they replied with courage
we sail where the winds allow and soon
we will find safe anchorage, in the bosum of Lir
and rest in the safety of our home.

How many years have I asked the same question?
How many times have you replied with hope?
I pray someday I will come for you, my four friends
and ye will be far away, finished wandering at last.



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holly said...

this is a nice poem, i recently posted sinead o'connor's song " a perfect indian" which references Lir's children.