Thursday 15 March 2007

British Book Awards

The british book awards are taking votes for various favourite authors in different categories: popular fiction rewarded by the public. You can vote for authors as diverse as Ian Rankin, Terry Pratchett and Marian Keyes, so go over and speak up for your favourite book or writer whether its light hearted fiction or serious literature.

I've never got the elitest fear of popularity. Marian Keyes writes better books than many a clever, literary pretender. Terry Pratchett has created a whole new world, one which frankly surpasses this reality in almost every point :). While we need "serious" writers, the John Boyne and Iain Pears we also need those who teach us something while we smile and escape. I've learnt more life lessons from Rachel's Holiday and Granny Weatherwax than from all the clever heartless prose I've read over the years..


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