Friday 29 May 2009

Yule at the Court of Maeve

I just found one of my poems was posted on a certain wellknown neo-nazi website - posted by a member as if it was one of their own, no accreditation to the author, and no permission to post it. Not only a breach of copyright but theft. Although part of me is grateful that the nasty little moronic bigots didn't put my name on their filthy site.
Just so we're clear, nothing would ever induce me to prostitute my work by connecting it in any way with the mindless, one-brain-cell-between-them cretins that espouse neo-nazism. I hereby reclaim my poem, one of my favourites to add insult to injury and bad cess to the bigots - they are incapable of understanding the heritage of honour and integrity it evokes.

Yule at the court of Maeve

I left the city
and traveled through the plains
and found the forest
of Warriors, among the forts of the

The Warrior Queen, Maeve of the Sidhe
beloved of the Hunter and
favourite, blessed daughter of the Morrigan
greeted me.
I vowed never to return to
the corruption of the free.

I fished on the shores of the Atlantic;
I have prayed on the Mountain of
Late autumn now finds me dwelling
deep in the forest, with those
who escaped, like me.
I have no suits and no favours.
I walk in bare feet with the deer.

In the winter, I will pack my pelts
and furs, make me a gurney and load it.
I will pull it to the Court of the Tribes of the West.
I will unload it at the feet of Maeve
and beg her receive her daughter, and
I already know the pleasure I will see, in my mothers’ eyes.

I will pass Yule there and stay until
No more will I measure time by the glossy calendar of man. I will await
the spring with a glad heart,
and then ,
when the mountains shed their covers
and the green rushes re-appear,
I will gather my bow and my dagger
and once more, to the Hunt again.



Word Geek said...

Bloody hell, woman. That would have me screaming with rage! God(s) help the poor bastard who posted it if you meet him/her in real life...
The BNP recently used Vera Lynn's 'The White Cliffs of Dover' on a fundraising CD. I imagine that she, and you, just wanted to give your work a good scrub after those nasty little minds had construed some kind of support for their ideology from it!

Chris Carmody said...

Even Jesus Christ is considered 'fair game' by those evil bar-stewards! If they have no qualms about pinching JC, why stop at GMB or VL!
adding my disgust to that of yours and others