Wednesday 25 May 2011

In Bahrain Today

This is a poem for the medics arrested in Bahrain as part of the brutal clampdown on pro democracy demonstrators; some were arrested for their politcal prodemocracy views and others for helping injured demonstrators in the street. They are falsely accused of inflicting worse injuries on patients than originally suffered. The charges are cruel, injust and downright lies. Some of the Doctors will be executed if the Bahrain government has its way; for "extending" wounds suffered in the attack on demonstrators. In fact they were only trying to tend the injured people. One doctor's wife was abducted and tortured in an attempt to force her to lie about her husband. One lawyer for them was arrested the day before the trial.

In Bahrain today
Hippocrates weeps
Black clothed men stalk
hospital wards
dealing death.

Step outside into the street
In Bahrain today
and ask for help
No doctor will reply
fearing death

If you came to me
In Bahrain today
and begged me to save you
your son your daughter
my no means death

Injustice reigns
In Bahrain today
healing hands
caring eyes
face death

Please get involved Amnesty International



Francis Scudellari said...

What's going on in Bahrain is really tragic, and it's hard to believe it doesn't get more coverage in the US, or more condemnation from the West, but politics always trumps human rights. I hope your poem spurs more people to get involved.

Geraldine Moorkens Byrne said...

Thanks Francis, for your comments an for reading. As you know, I'm a big fan of yours :)
regards Ger Moorkens Byrne