Thursday 23 June 2011

Doctors in Bahrain: Update

There is an excellent segment on the Joe Duffy LIVELINE show on RTE radio one (today Thursday 23rd June 2011)about the Doctors and medics being held, tortured and falsely accused in Bahrain.
You can listen to the podcast if you miss the show: just visit and look for Liveline and then for Thursday 23rd June show. If I have time I will post a direct link later.

The plight of these poor medics has to be brought to the attention of the world. many were trained in the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland and all are innocent of terrible charges. It is a tragedy and the RCSI refuses to help them, for financial reasons. Overseas Students are a lucrative business for them.
Please listen, and if you can join in the campaign to help them. Doctors especially are needed to sign petitions and force the RSCI to act.
Let's make a difference. Retweet this, facebook it, write to the newspapers, write to the Bahrainian Embassy London


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