Friday 5 August 2011


This is an old one; I found it recently online and thought, well if it's on other sites it should get a place on my own blog...I have mixed feelings about it, it is a poem written about the claims of old friends who are no longer friends. It was written for someone I knew in my teens and twenties, a very different place in my life.


We were lost for a while, despite maps
You looked into the distance and called
and your voice returned multifold.
I had told you that there was an echo but
you wouldn't believe an old friend;
I am hurt that you had no faith
and in the end we are what we believe.

The trek to the summit was hard
and I longed to be back in the valleys;
I wouldn't say so to you,
and you knew I was being forbearing
how deeply you hate me, my old friend.

I am submerged in the cool lake, swimming
and the sound of your voice is muffled;
I am free of the claims of the past, even
as you climb into my present.


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