Sunday 15 February 2015

Vote Early Vote Often (a poem about @YesEquality15 and #FiMeIrl)

I do not see, what makes me
more worthy to be wed
than Annie and Jacyntha
or Maurice to his Fred?

I posses no greater intellect
Nor higher moral ground
No secret way to perfect love
Have I or my ilk found.

We row and fight and hurt and bleed
And break and tear assunder
We heal the same, we love the same
And when we're six feet under

We'll all make bones, we'll all make dust
And twill be hard to say -
Which of us was wed or not
And who  was straight or gay

So while we live and breath we draw
And the sun yet shines above
Let us all be equal in one thing -
The beauty of our love.

If your heart holds within
one single spark of joy
It matters not what fans the flame
The sight of girl or boy.

All that counts is if that face
Brings solace to your life
And if you long to call that name
Husband mine, or Wife.

So may fifteen we all must join
To vote for all our sakes
Vote early and vote often for
The difference marriage makes

Vote yes, dear readers !



Maggie little said...

Thanks for this. I am finding it so depressing to hear my right to love someone dissected constantly. This cheered me right up. Thanks for being such a staunch ' straight ally ' x

Anonymous said...

Love it. "Let us all be equal in one thing, the beauty of our love " I am nicking that with your permission ? SAL

Geraldine Moorkens Byrne said...

Many thanks, a just and equitable society benefits us all x

Geraldine Moorkens Byrne said...

Feel free to use any part of it or the whole (accredited to moi, of course)