Wednesday 4 October 2017

Harp Club and Cauldron - upcoming collection on the Dagda

Delighted to be invited to contribute to Harp Club Cauldron, an exciting and expertly curated collection of writing on the Dagda. As a feminist and poet, my contribution will address the intersection of Faith, Imbas and Science, in the magical, spiritual and creative tradition of our landscape. 
Publishers Eel&Otter Press hope to present this collection in 2018 and have launched a funding campaign. The project boasts Lora O'Brien and Morpheus Ravenna at the helm and the contributors include an impressive array of scholarly and creative voices. 

Books can be pre-ordered at the link below; and rewards for backers of the project are excellent, including access to the creative process, being listed in the book as backers, beautiful artwork and more


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