Wednesday 15 August 2007

Some poems published online...

A pleasant surprise this month, both Scriobh,com and the excellent PLT ezine have published my poetry under featured poets.


Saturday 4 August 2007

Editing poetry....

Every four weeks or so I have the (enviable? dreaded?) task of reading and choosing from other people's work (for an online publication). This can lead to a bizarre clash of perosnal sensibilities over objective discrimination; but in the end all choice is subjective, never more so than where poetry or art is concerned. I find myself relying on instinct a lot of the time; although experience has taught me to recognise poems that while I may not find them terribly exciting, will interest or move others.

Mostly though one needs to go with intuition, with a subconscious recognition of an indefinable "something" in the work. I beleive that poetry should (whether it is narrative driven or image based) interact witht eh reader on a level that evokes response, emotes, creates ambiance, conjures pictures and feeligns. Some of the best examples bypass the rational mind completely and hit the soft spot in the brain that makes us react to beauty.

I love and dread reading other people's poetry, when the choice is to publish or not. Equally I dread people reading mine with the same objective in mind. I am humbled and bewildered when people accept a submission - when they actually solicit a poem I love them, instantly and unconditionally.


Friday 3 August 2007

Poetry Life and Times August

Poetry Life and Times
Great new edition for August! *

Edited by Robin Ouzman Hislop

This months edition concentrates on the theme of Climate Chaos and Earth’s Revenge.

*(and I'm not just saying that cos I am in it lol)

I have three poems viewable there: Territory, The Murder of Cliona and Angry Rivers

There is also an interview with a poet I admire, Ian Thorpe and other great poetry.

Check it out!
It's a great Ezine and really deserving of support so get over there and read. It also has a new interactive section including news, blogs, polls etc.


Wednesday 1 August 2007

At Table

At Table.

I sat with you
at table. Among friends
we broke bread
and your hand reached for mine.

Sup wine from my cup,
steal sweets from my plate;
All good things I have
I offer to you, serve them up.

Are your cheeks flushed?
or is it candlelight and fireside -
the heat of the hall?
or is it my touch, cooler than air...

I sit beside you
at table. We are blessed
in each other and friends
and joined by merry words.

Geraldine Moorkens Byrne
(I am building a selection of "love poems" some simply poems of love others poetry about love and the condition we call love. This is one of the former, a simple and truthful poem.)