Thursday, 6 May 2021

The Body Politic....UPDATE May 2021 #crimewriting #fiction #irishwriters #crimefiction

 It's been a roller coaster !

Firstly my little book has been more successful than I dared dream, with solid sales and great reviews. I also learnt a lot from the process, made a lot of mistakes and have had to revise the manuscript to catch several mistakes (and deepest thanks to everyone who pointed out the errors, the kindness and constructive way in which readers did so made it easy to learn those lessons :) ) 

So The Body Politic is now out there, and holding its own. We launched it online and had a great night, and my website has signed copies with merch for sale, as well as it being available on Amazon, Kindle in both paperback and kindle ebook. 

If you ask for it at your local bookstore and they don't have it, ask them to order it (tell them there's excellent wholesale rates ;) ) will get me!

Now I'm hard at work on Book 2 - and it's already a better book for having been through this process. It's tighter, the plot is more original, the characters are established now and are becoming more and more real. It's still hard work, but there's a sense of having grown a lot, and of avoiding many pitfalls. 

If you bought it  and/or reviewed it, THANK YOU. If you haven't but you're going to, thank you too in advance!


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