Thursday 29 May 2008

Asian Geographic Magazine

Asian Geographic Magazine asked last month is they could use an extract from my poem Where Once Stood Tribes

Where once stood tribes
who rose and fell
on the bounty of a living land
soul and soil intertwined
One blood, one heart,
of one mind,
muscle and sinew
rock and tree

Three copies of the magazine arrived today; and I have to say I am proud of my involvement with it. It's as visually beautiful as you'd expect from Asian Geographic but the entire issue is devoted to the vanishing tribes and tribal way of life of Asia, a wonderful tour through amazing and timeless cultures.


Thursday 22 May 2008

Glowing Heart of Spirit

It surprised me to see
Spirit imprisoned.
We stood in the great space
the sacred place of Rome
watching the awe on the faces
of tourists and pilgrims;
and I looked up at Spirit
and wondered, what did she think
of it all?