Saturday 30 January 2010

Twitter Fragment January 2010

Girl on city street, heels clicking
shiny hair, gleaming lips
eyes glinting in the smokey light
siren song in her stride

Boy on corner smoking
haloed under streetlight's glow
watches the lilt of a girl's walk
breathes her in like air
forgets to exhale

Cold grey sky can lie
the tell tale signs
one green shoot, rooted in dark soil
one new blade turned toward a wintry sun
Bridget comes

hope - uncertain friend
promising much yet in the end
what happens next, all depends
on things Hope can't control

Dark rain, vanquishing spirit
overpowers the pristine cloak of snow
revealing colours, angles, edges


Monday 11 January 2010

Snow in Dublin II

Snow in Dublin II

At midnight
We found ourselves
walking a borrowed dog,
in a world
of white, frosted
under a diamond sky.

We were silent;
overawed by
that still cliché of snow ,
not a sound
except the crisp
break of sparkling cold.

There is ice,
buried under
the soft clean white.
No step
is quite sure,
so you take my arm.

We are
alone, intrepid
you, me and the borrowed dog.
We are safe
in this world,
under jewelled skies.