Friday 30 July 2010

The Murder of Cliona

The Murder of Cliona

Cliona sits by the shore
Singing songs of love and loss
Like any underdressed lady of the sea;
passing as one of them, the myths and nymphs
Brushing hair with comb and bone
While all the time, counting waves.

The Ninth one is still hers. She yet
rides the horses of the surf
And MannanĂ¡n calls her from the west;
It would be best to return
not wait and hide and hope
for cornucopias of adoration

But she clings on still, a languid
survivor on a rock.
Connla calls by, Sinnan at his side;
they have long ago given up on us,
our ways beyond the
comprehension of mere gods.

They beg her, leave. Come with us
Into the glittering sunsets, into the
Land of Promises. Leave behind
the heartbreak of rejection. Sing with us
once more, don’t let them
poison you here, where you sit.

It’s true her hair is dull
her eyes are swollen and her lips
chaffed. O! mortals, you are killing
Her, killing Cliona of the Ninth Wave.
And yet she sits and waits,
Refusing to drown her hope.


Thursday 29 July 2010

PPP Summer Edition Now up!

Well It's a bit later than promised but I think you'll agree, well worth the wait!
Thanks to almost epic levels of incompetence on behalf of Ireland's leading phone and internet provider, I've been without proper BB access for weeks now, and it's been a struggle to get even the basics done.
However the power of poetry and creativity triumphed in the end aided by a very high level of excellent submissions this time!

We have a collection of poems from Sunil P Narayan that we are confident you will enjoy; along with a debut poem from Peter Lukey entitled "Boudicca". Sara Curran returns with the comic "BBQ Blues" and Gina Bass with the tragic "No Cards" giving us a taste of light and dark. Maureen Duffy-Booze gives us two lovely offerings "I cry out to the Rock" and "The Sphinx" while Joker returns with "Midsummer."
"The Garden of the Wild Wild Rose" by Geraldine Moorkens Byrne is in memory of her baby niece; while "Solstice" represents the experiences of solstice morning at Tara. SparrowGael's haunting "Dark Lover" and ElainePurplePagan's evocative poem "Stepping from the Shadows" exhorts us to leave nothing unsaid..a very fitting motto for poets.

We hope you read and enjoy...and be inspired!


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Silver Tree

Originally uploaded by GerCMByrne.
I love Motorway art; next to the new statue of Fionn Mac Cumhail and Hounds at Newbridge this is my favourite...the silver tree en route to Wexford.