Sunday 27 February 2011

The edge of rain

I stood with you on the edge of rain
Deep In a forest in a foreign land
We danced between two states of mind
Sun to storm, hand in hand
Leaves made dappled patterns on the path
Rivers formed beneath our glancing feet
We circled stately like twin stars
Cheek to cheek, the twain did meet


Sunday 6 February 2011

She Dances Like a Wave

She dances like a wave
Undulations leaving ridges
In the sands of time
She dances like long grass
Sighing before the wind
Bending low to kiss the earth
She dances to the song
Of larks on the wing
Wheeling free against the sun
She dances
And the world stands still


Saturday 5 February 2011


Invisible hands
Move branches
Lift fallen leaves
Throw handfuls
against my window
To rain hitting glass
Hitting slate
Dancing on metal
Wind howls
Wild joyful screams
Low moans of pain
Finding hidden passages
Creeping through gaps
To place cold fingers
On your cheek
You stir
You sigh
You shiver
Safe indoors


Friday 4 February 2011

Baby's Song

For obvious reasons I have had no time to write in the last 4 months; but there's one piece of rhyme I have composed ! This is what I sing to my 4 month old baby boy. I doubt it'll stand as my greatest poetic work but he seems to like it.

I have the best baby in the whole wide world
his name is darabean
he's the best baby
that you've ever seen
I love my baby
and my baby, he loves me
We both love Daddy
that's a family of three!