Thursday 4 February 2016

Eiru Speaks to the False Kings #rosc #ireland #poetry #feminism #misogyny

As the False Kings attempt to impose themselves on the people Eriu moves from Her seat, to address the assembled crowd.

False speaker, false leader, false man
Born of a woman, unworthy of the honour
Debased by your rejection of Her womb, Her heart
Enemy to half the world
Apostate to the other
Liar and spreader of lies, like mould and decay
Dead among men, unborn among women
Unclean among the pure of spirit
Firenne rejects you
You are false and therefore unable to exist
You are the three marks on a king’s cheek
Your ramparts fall before the anger of the Druids
And the Wise Women will make bread from the fire
Of your roof,
The earth rises against you
The stones and bones and blood of the land
Reject you and your band
Be they born of the land, they are undone
Found them shelter in this land, they are undone
If they visit this land, they are undone
The birds of the air, the food of the earth
The spirit of life, the Tuatha  and their homes
The Tiarna and their laws, the Tír and its being
Turn from you, deny you, fast against you
The root of your name shall be poisoned in the ground
your stem shall be blighted and the ground salted against you
Your tongues fall silent, your limbs weakened, your fruit die untasted on the branch

And you shall be unmourned in the hour of your fall.

Geraldine Moorkens Byrne