Wednesday 21 September 2016

When Things Were Better, In the Good Old Days

I'm increasingly sick of the blather about the good old days. Apparently, there were no murders, no problems, no hate crimes - nothing to make CIS white people uncomfortable. 

When Things Were Better, In the Good Old Days

I remember he says
the respected actor with his trademark grimace
the good old days.

Do you? Really?
These would be the days when women were silent
not uppity, emancipated.

Nice quiet women, 
who didn't report pesky things like domestic violence
in those halcyon times.

Nice mothers at home
using prescription pills and booze in lonely boredom
in that past idyll.

Lets celebrate, eh?
The days when being white was not so problematic
and people knew their place

Good-natured banter
and people could take a joke against themselves 
and a lynching or three.

Happy days of fun
When jobs for white men were assured and everyone else
did the dirty work.

When using words
like weapons, piercing souls and destroying futures
wasn't such a big deal.

When being gay
or trans or different or visible or soft or effeminate
could get you killed.

When adults screamed
abuse and hatred at a little girl walking to school
surrounded by FBI agents.

When the Church
in Ireland, and beyond, put women in their place
quite literally

Put them in their place,
a Magdalen laundry where they rotted for a lifetime
in those gentler times.

Ah tell me more
about political correctness gone mad in these post feminist days
while I puke. 


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

love this
in a really grim day at least someone is speaking out
thanks, from one of the non white, uppity "wimmin" :D