Thursday 18 July 2019

I'm Studying again! #TEFL #Studying #Lifelonglearning

Something I've meant to do for years is a TEFL course, at first because I vaguely thought about travelling and working abroad but in recent years because I like the idea of teaching and I like the idea of a qualification; but also I like the idea of brushing up my grammar. Because I am a grammar nazi, I admit it.

As we all know, I also believe in signs so when I clicked on and saw it was offering 120 hours course at half price, I said take my money and signed up to find 120 hours free to study. WHAT WAS I THINKING???

Ah well at least it'll be something new to worry about - if there's anyone out there doing the TEFL course let me know and we can talk! Or if you fancy doing it look for or indeed here's my affiliate link 

Wish me luck!!


Thursday 27 June 2019

The Hidden Jester

Hidden Jester

Grief comes,
in glancing blows
stealing up at tangents -
shards of promise, taut with loss,
might have been, should have been.
Nothing direct or clean;
but sharp cuts and sudden hurts
from shadowed corners.

Strange friend,
thief, despoiler
relying on one saving grace,
one charity of memory, doled out.
Taking more than giving;
a parasite of living;
poisonous flower, spreading
like a weed.

Hidden Jester
laying small traps
that catch you unawares -
the detritus of life, turned enemy
banal weapons that shard the heart
and once you start
you cannot stem the flow
and he has won.


Thursday 13 June 2019

That Bizarre Moment When.... click on Amazon to update your Author page and you find your poetry collection is listed on N0 1 new released in "British Poetry"

The cognitive dissonance as you go:
"YAY" and also at the same time "BRITISH? WTAF?"

In the end though, cos I'm as vain as the next poet, Yay won :)

(I'm under no illusion, I'd say I'll be No 1 for apx 24 hours but hey, thanks Amazon any way :)

In other news, thanks so much to kind people buying it and reading it on Kindles Select, and please do leave a review! A review is so important to Authors on Amazon especially, it means a huge boost to visibility. Click those stars :)



Tuesday 11 June 2019

#poetry #collection now available on #Kindle "Dreams of Reality"

The Kindle edition of my Poetry collection is now available on Kindle, published by PPP Publishing Dublin.

This collection is divided into several parts, reflecting the wide interest of the poet. At the Gate (a reference to the ancient Irish tradition of fasting against an injustice) deals with the poetry of politics and justice. In the Grove contains the poetry of spirit and philosophy. By the Fireside showcases the poetry of love and personal life.
Spanning over 40 years of writing, and with new unpublished poetry, this has been a labour of love. Grateful thanks to all who have helped, cajoled, formatted, critiqued and generally laboured with me. 
With a foreword by GIna Bass and kind words by Lora O'Brien. 

Paperback Edition inc special signed copies, will be launched later in the year