Monday 15 January 2007

Breaking Faith with Aengus óg

This was my "anti-love poem" a few years back. (I think I may well have to write an apology to Aengus now, as it seems He was merely keeping my schedule free to meet a lovely man :) )Aengus óg is the ancient God of Love in Ireland, with a reputation for both protecting lovers...and having a jape at our expense when we try to find love. Written for a Valentine's day "Anti-Love Poem" event on the PPP.

Breaking Faith with Aengus Óg

I no longer love thee,
Aengus Óg.
I ll burn thee no more incense.
I ll leave no meat nor mead nor gold;
my faith in thee has grown
stone cold.
I no longer love thee, Aengus Óg.

Too many tears and
sleepless nights;
too many phone calls unreturned.
My heart has burned and froze and crack'd
and ached, for every lover
I cannot longer stand the rack.

Too many faithless, fickle
with cruel intent and wand'ring eye;
with hand and mind and deed have broke
my soul and put it to
the Yoke,
and made me, but their secret joke.

No, no longer will I love and lose,
nor wait until another choose:
I no longer love thee,
Aengus Óg -
I'll burn thee no more

Geraldine Moorkens Byrne


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