Monday 15 January 2007

Gods seen through splinters

This is an attempt to express both the nature of the Gods, through imagery and the impossibility of fully descibing them.

Gods seen through splinters

Aengus Óg is a wisp of red silk
on a tablecloth of crocheted lace
with sparkling champagne in elegant flutes

Morrigan is a stain of Rowanberries
crushed blood-red into virgin snow
by the outspread wing of a fallen crow

Áine is the burnished glow
of a golden vessel on a marble hearth,
reflecting the embered glow of the fire

Cliona is the the taste of salt
on a breeze that whips up from the west
at twilight on a summers eve

Chrom Dubh is the rocky outcrop
on the hill above Lough Dan
where froaghaon berries grow late under a pale blue sky

Dagda is the Waterfall
the silent noise of power
the inexorable progress of gravity

Dana is the soft springy moss
between children's toes on a turf-grown plain
bog-cotton gaily growing amid rough grasses

Mannanán is the slice of reeds on sanddunes
unexpected sharpness against the bleached white
of shells and bones and smooth round stones.

Geraldine Moorkens Byrne


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