Tuesday 9 October 2007

Juvenilia, As Promised

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This article is about the literary term. For other uses, see Juvenilia (disambiguation).
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Juvenilia is a term applied to literary or artistic works produced by an author during his or her youth.
The term was first recorded in 1622 in
George Wither's poetry collection Ivvenilia. Later, other notable poets, such as John Dryden and Alfred Lord Tennyson came to use the term for collections of their early poetry.

As promised the beginning of the Juvenilia collection

Your Touch

The warm smell of
sleep and heat
surrounds me with your
quilt, your bed
my hair spread like down
across your pillow
and drowsy senses



Anonymous said...

I like this but I can see where the adult you would have written it a lot better....there is somethign a little obvious but the imagery is nice and the style is compressed and elegant! Rob

Anonymous said...

like it, but prefer the modern version you posted a while back (simple love poem?)