Sunday 24 August 2008


A little poem I wrote a while back about words, and their richness; incidentally I recently met online a user of a forum whose moniker was "pomegranate" and who turned out to be lovely. It's confirmed this word as one of my favourites :)

I collect words;
Collate and catalogue them
in some library of the mind, to which
I get sporadic access, as the muse decrees.

I hope if I store enough words, there will always be one
no matter how scarce the favours scattered:
that paucity of concept will yield
before the wealth amassed in syllable and dipthong.

I hold some words in high regard
I once spent a day musing on the sound of 'leech'
and make alliterative lists of favourite mots
Whistling, Wonder, Weird, Wildflower.

But of all the troves and chests and caverns
overflowing with jewelled noise, bedecked with meanings and
subtle shades of burnished thought, lies
one word, elegant in its simplicity, its economy of meaning:

yet extravagent in form, reigning
Supremely succulent in tone
a taste of desire and wealth, one word -



Anonymous said...

doty poem!

Unknown said...

Geraldine I love this poem and look forward to reading more. You make me want to write a song tonight. I hope I do.


Anonymous said...

so delicate kind of Poethics,indeed. Otherwise, you have collected the symbol in its self-maturity, the real word-in-red into Eros' utterance [in front of the other female fruits, fig, apple...], haven't you?
Pere Bessó