Thursday 18 July 2019

I'm Studying again! #TEFL #Studying #Lifelonglearning

Something I've meant to do for years is a TEFL course, at first because I vaguely thought about travelling and working abroad but in recent years because I like the idea of teaching and I like the idea of a qualification; but also I like the idea of brushing up my grammar. Because I am a grammar nazi, I admit it.

As we all know, I also believe in signs so when I clicked on and saw it was offering 120 hours course at half price, I said take my money and signed up to find 120 hours free to study. WHAT WAS I THINKING???

Ah well at least it'll be something new to worry about - if there's anyone out there doing the TEFL course let me know and we can talk! Or if you fancy doing it look for or indeed here's my affiliate link 

Wish me luck!!


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