Tuesday 7 April 2020

Letter from a Lockdown #lockdownireland #coronavirus #c19 #stayathome #togetherapart

Letter from a Lockdown

How are you, my friend?
And by friend I also mean,
My neighbour, my sometimes mate,
My occasional chat buddy,
My erstwhile bestie
My don’t-like-you-much acquaintance
My work connection, or the same turned

In the end, in the teeth of all this chaos
Turns out, I care about you all
Even the ones I don’t care for much
There is a well of tenderness in me now
For all our frail humanity
This is a bitter wind, that blows
I take shelter where I find it.

So I write, hoping this will find you well
Are you safe among your family
Or trapped in a lair with stalking anger?
Does the fine weather tempt you into your garden
Or taunt you in your balconied apartment?
I want to know, there is that in me now
That treasures all your doings
Post up that photo of your dinner,
I will not sneer. Selfies never looked so good to me.

You are the world, to me.
How are you doing?


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