Wednesday 17 February 2021

THE BODY POLITIC (Caroline Jordan Book 1) Out February 28th #crime #crimewriting #newbook #booklaunch #books #writing


"Caroline has a dead minister of state, a new job to manage, a fledgling PR company to save - the last thing she needs are rumours of murder and a strange policeman dogging her steps. Can she outwit the murderer, save her company, impress her new VIP client and most importantly, survive? She's not sure but fueled by vodka, rage and steely determination, she's going to give it a good try!
When Minister Damien Fitzpatrick is found dead at his desk, everyone assumes it was natural causes. Caroline Jordan has spent 4 years keeping the Minister on track, hiding his volatile personality and building his public image as a good family man and serious politician. Now she's facing social Siberia and a serious setback for her PR firm. This is, she thinks, the worst thing that could happen.

Meanwhile DS Doyle is faced with the unwelcome news that Minister has been murdered and the prime suspects include the leader of the country, another Minister, several high ranking officials and Ireland's most brazen gangster turned property developer.

 When Caroline finds herself dragged into the mess, one thing becomes clear. She is going to fight to the bitter end for Jordan PR, her employees and her new VIP client. And if she can manage a romance with the gorgeous but elusive Rory Fitzpatrick at the same time, why not

COMING FEB 28th 2021

Debut crime fiction from your favourite poet :) 

Available in Paperback or Kindle edition, and from select bookstores (also direct from the author)

Signed copies available


Stay tuned for the book launch, date to be decided. Join Geraldine for a book reading, giveaways and fun, discussion and questions welcomed


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