Thursday 22 February 2007

Sometimes inspiration strikes in very odd ways

I just read the news snippet below...
Dentists Gone Bad: The British General Dental Council found David Quelch guilty in January of professional misconduct for pulling two teeth of a patient, against her will, without anesthesia, because she had complained about previous treatments. He supposedly said, "That'll teach you ..." [Daily Telegraph (London), 1-13-07

And this fragment came unbidden into my head:

Pulling teeth
getting a compliment from you
is like pulling teeth.
My knee on your chest
My hand in your mouth
wrenching out some words
ripping them up root and branch
and laying waste
to the soft red tenderness of your gums
Pulling teeth
getting words from you is like pulling teeth.

I am not at all sure what I'll do with it but there you go. Sometimes these things'll get re worked and parts of it will appear again, or maybe its the irritant in the oyster. but I quite like it, I like the picture.


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