Thursday 19 June 2008

Brighid's Runes Anthology

In Aid of the Green Belt Movement Rachel Mica McCann has produced and edited a lovely collection of women's poetry entitled Bridhid's Runes . Rachel describes the book as

"'Brighid's Runes' is a collection of around 40 poems by over twenty women from various parts of Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland. The poems celebrate the sacred in every day life and our relationship with the earth. They are funny, poignant, eloquent and passionate! Some of the poets are well published, others are new to print. The money raised from the sale of the book will go towards supporting Women's and Earth healing projects, especially the Green Belt Movement in Kenya established by nobel prize winner Wangari Maatthai which has empowered women through planting trees and community development."
It's a lovely collection and I'm delighted to be involved. Ms McCann has worked very hard to produce something that is worth reading, and for the Greenbelt Movement's sake, well worth buying!
Available directly from Rachel, e-mail:
£5.50 inc P&P



MorganMoon said...

One of my poems, 'For Sylvia', appears in this collection too. This is a lovely book, quite unique. Thanks to Rachel for putting it together.

Geraldine Moorkens Byrne said...

it is indeed unique Morganmoon - I also enjoyed "for sylvia" very much!