Tuesday 31 May 2011

Listowel Writers Week June 1st-5th 2011

Listowel Writers Week start June 1st and runs to June 5th inclusive; it boasts a great programme of events and lots of variety - theatre, poetry, novels - with readings from great authors including Neil Jordan. Ronan Wilson and more!

check out http://writersweek.ie/ and consider a different Bank Holiday Weekend !


Saturday 28 May 2011

Aisling (competition poem)

To read the poem from the John Murray poetry competition, check out HERE

To listen to it being read by Pat Boran, and hear the other excellent entries and the winners check out HERE (the poetry competition is 6th down the page)

Many thanks to everyone who emailed or twittered how much they enjoyed the poem and thanks for all the extremely kind comments. I think you'll really enjoy the standard of poems read out on air; from junior level upwards the winners are so impressive. Please listen and let the show know how much you enjoyed the poetry competition. Poetry needs your support. Don't forget to twitter using the hash key #writingcommunity


Thursday 26 May 2011

I got a highly commended on the John Murray Poetry comp

Well, I am very pleased with myself this morning. I tuned in to listen to the results of the poetry competition, hoping that someone I knew might have done well. They read out about four or five poems, including the category winners and a sample of commended poems. Imagine my utter delight when the judge read out my poem Aisling and commented on it. The standard of entries was so high, it was a compliment to be included.
What completely impressed me was the standard of the junior and senior school entries - there's a lot right with our country when our youth has such a passionate and literate voice.

If you visit http://www.rte.ie/radio1/thejohnmurrayshow/ by tomorrow there should be a podcast to listen to of today's show. My poem "Aisling" is read just before the overall Adult winner is announced.


Wednesday 25 May 2011

In Bahrain Today

This is a poem for the medics arrested in Bahrain as part of the brutal clampdown on pro democracy demonstrators; some were arrested for their politcal prodemocracy views and others for helping injured demonstrators in the street. They are falsely accused of inflicting worse injuries on patients than originally suffered. The charges are cruel, injust and downright lies. Some of the Doctors will be executed if the Bahrain government has its way; for "extending" wounds suffered in the attack on demonstrators. In fact they were only trying to tend the injured people. One doctor's wife was abducted and tortured in an attempt to force her to lie about her husband. One lawyer for them was arrested the day before the trial.

In Bahrain today
Hippocrates weeps
Black clothed men stalk
hospital wards
dealing death.

Step outside into the street
In Bahrain today
and ask for help
No doctor will reply
fearing death

If you came to me
In Bahrain today
and begged me to save you
your son your daughter
my no means death

Injustice reigns
In Bahrain today
healing hands
caring eyes
face death

Please get involved Amnesty International


Thursday 12 May 2011

Last day to enter RTE poetry competition!

Tomorrow is the closing date for entries to the John Murray Poetry Competition on RTE radion one in association with Listowel Writers' Week.
The theme is Ireland 2011 and the poem must be 20 lines or less. There are three categories, two for school goers and one for adults. Read the submission guidelines at the link above.


Saturday 7 May 2011

Ladies' Day

Just heard of the death of a friend; she hadn't been around in the last few years but I have very fond memories of her charm and elegance. This is for her.

Ladies' day

August in Dublin
For her was hats
Shoes and other
Sartorial excesses
But mainly hats

Ladies day at the RDS
Sore shoes on inexperienced feet
I complained but she laughed
Suffer for fashion, ladies

The rituals of ladyship
She took seriously
Played by the rules.
Once she made
a lime green hat

She was Hitchcock cool
With a passionate eye
I remember most
How she enjoyed it all


Wednesday 4 May 2011

John Murray Show poetry comp RTE

Just a reminder that there are still a few days left in which to enter the inaugural John Murray Show Poetry Competition.

Full details here at http://writersweek.ie/uncategorized/rte-john-murray-show-poetry-competition

The theme is Ireland 2011 and it is held in conjunction with Listowel Writers Week.