Wednesday 31 August 2011

In Search of a Lost Girl

Inspired by Immrama, and the bringing of meditation and journeying techniques into modern life

In search of a lost girl

The summer of my youth was spent
In smoky pubs; making rain
While the sun shone.

On and on, I traversed the lines
And wasted time like golden coin.

How to glimpse again the vanished day?
Travel through the shades and speak
To my younger, lost self? And take
her by the hand and reinvent
the landscape of my past.

I have lit incense to the god of time
And sweated out the years
I have shed tears and offered wine
And burnt meat. They will not treat
With me, and silently disdain

I will return to the ways of my mothers,
And sail into the western seas,
MannanĂ¡n will guide me to Hy-Brasil
And I will alight at the sacred Isles
Where all answers lie, hidden.

Among the old, I will walk with ease.
It will please me to hear the old words
And sing the old songs, among the trees.
I will make a harp of my sorrows and dance
And woo time with my lips.


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