Tuesday 10 December 2013

Pomegranate Annual Christmas Raffle "Pomegranate"

This is a poem I wrote last year, inspired by Pomegranate the charity http://www.pomegranate.ie/ 

Pomegranate helps couples who otherwise wouldn't have had access to infertility treatment, something that is completely unsubsidised in this country. Their annual Christmas hamper raffle is an amazing event, several fabulous hampers up for grabs including a top prize hamper complete with unique handmade quilt.
Please check them out at either the website above or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PomegranateIE
Tickets cost €5


When they talk of it
It is assumed, only the fecund know
Where the heart lies
When it comes to babies,
When it comes to birth,
When it comes to dreams
Of sticky hands and kisses.
Oh no, no, we the Barren,
We too understand these joys.
We yearn for them in ways
Only we can understand
We are steeped in the mysteries of pain.
Oh but your words can sting us
Anything stirring? No news for us?
Sure would you not relax?
My sister’s neighbour’s cousin’s friend
Got pregnant using the scapula of some saint
 you probably should have tried when you were younger –
I’d never go to those lengths

Ah we know the heart of it all right
We hold their little hands and kiss their brows
A thousand times in our dreams
And the sweet drug of hope
Lulls us into the arms of sleep
Dark night, after night.


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