Thursday 22 June 2017

I have been neglecting you my pretties....#blog #update #poetry #amwriting #poems #ireland

Yes my loves I have been neglecting you all but there's been a reason for that - life. Busy life, gods help us. Since I last posted I have - in no particular order - been working on my first collection; had a poem published in Gods and Radicals; hosted the Creative Workshop evening at the Harold's Cross Festival and signed up to contribute to an exciting new project or three. Three, in fact.
And that's on top of my usual life.
But with a bit of hard work and luck I might be ready for publication this year; I shall definitely be writing with the incredibly talented Gina Bass; and I'll be in a few bits and pieces coming up over the next few months, I'll keep ye posted.

Deciding on poems for inclusion and publication has been a long slow process - there's also a lot of editorial decisions to be made about the tone and direction of the collection and these are hard choices. I think the end result will be worth it though, I hope so :)

And I won't be so neglectful in future I promise. Thanks for the comments, PMs and emails - it' makes the lonely slog more worthwhile!


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