Tuesday 3 April 2018

Stop Telling Me Not To Be, Angry - #poetry #poem #writing #amwriting #feminism #metoo #activism

Yes, we're angry and we're not taking it anymore. After a while the only thing that will save us is anger, because this anger is borne of compassion for the pain of others. Your politeness is collaboration, your silence is a choice to side with oppression. 

Stop telling me not to be, Angry

Stop telling me
Not to be angry
Not to rage
Not to raise my voice
Or that my choice
 of words offends
The ends, the ends, you say
Do not justify the means –
Be polite, it’s more important
Than being heard, says you.

Stop telling me not to be angry
My anger, like a boiling river of lava
Like a stream of bullets
Like a fist in the face
Like a knife in the guts,
Is the harvest of your planting.

My anger is boiling water
Antiseptic spray stinging wounds
Antibacterial on a hospital floor.
My anger is medicine for the cancer
Of your creation
My anger is about to set your world on fire;
And the generations after will be inspired.
And they will grow taller, straighter,
Reach the stars
Fueled by the explosion of my wrath




Aisling the Bard said...

Amazing, excellent, and thought provoking. When I hear "stop telling me not to be angry". all I can think is "Me too!" Well done! <3

Geraldine Moorkens Byrne said...

thanks Aisling, much appreciated