Saturday 21 August 2021

The final Stretch - when the end of the first draft is in sight! #writing #WritingCommunity #TheBodyCount #CrimeFiction #Mystery

 After days of frantic writing, a wonderful and miraculous thing has happened. All the messy plot points began to resolve themselves into a coherent narrative and in 6 chapters I've gone from flailing around to writing the end of the book. There's a chapter or three to go yet, but I know who the murderer is and I know why. I have two subplots to tie up. and a few loose ends will need to be sharply snipped but the end is in sight!

If I can pull this off in the next 7 days, I will actually be in position to start revising almost immediately. Ah yes, the joys of writing. You slave to get the words on the page and then ruthlessly slash and burn your way through them. How far do you trust your own voice over the received wisdom of editors? How much do you adjust to fit a genre, or do you forge ahead with your own, not quite fitting in vision?

That's all next week's problem. For now I'm just happy to say, I've entered the home stretch. See ye at the finish line!


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