Saturday 8 January 2022

So what's New for 22? My plans for the coming year, including new #books and #podcast

The Year Ahead...
Well I hope we all survived the festivities, or lack of them. Ours was a mixed bag - sadness because one family member wasn't with us for xmas, and although he's safe and in the best care, it was upsetting versus the joy of being home with the boys for pretty much two solid weeks, broken only by a trip to visit family or visits from family.

 Conscious of the rising Covid cases here in Ireland, we made a decision to cut contacts as much as possible (and even then Omicron crept closer and closer to our circle.) This made for a bit of a flat run up to xmas but a really nice chilled family oriented break over the new year. There'll be many years ahead hopefully, where we can socialize and make pieces of ourselves running from household to household; this was a year we'll remember for board games, family movies, minding Granny and lots of cuddles. 
So as the dust settled on the boys going back to school (I have an entire rant on that subject but I'll spare ye...) I began to plan out 2022. And I thought I'd keep it simple, but then a few amazing opportunities presented themselves on top of the projects to which I had already committed myself. So here is the amended plan for 2022, wish me luck!


New for 22 -
1. The Body Beautiful, book three of the Caroline Jordan Mystery Series will be out later this year: catch up on the previous books HERE

2. DraĆ­ocht Ceoil, The Sound of Magic in Irish Tradition, a non fiction work that will explore the practice of Irish traditions using sound and music will be out later this year, and will have additional online recordings and help to supplement the book. Pre-orders will open in Autumn. This book can be read alone or use it to supplement the classes on Rosc or DraĆ­ocht Ceoil at the IPS. 

3.There are exciting plans afoot to host a podcast, featuring both Irish Crime Fiction and additionally the Poetry Series on Alzheimer and the family carer, in two separate blocks. This will require a commitment of time and effort on my part but I'm really excited by this new opportunity and hope to have it up and running in late Spring.

 I will be teaching two brand new classes in 2022 on the  Irish Pagan School (May and October) and you access my previous classes there too. The IPS promotes Indigenous Irish education on folk magic, folk lore, Old Irish and Modern Irish practices and Irish Spirituality. It offers a huge range of free material, affordable packages, scholarships and quality live and recorded classes. Details of the new classes to be announced, so keep an eye out.

As ever, always delighted to hear from you at - If you would like to participate in the PODCAST either as a Family Carer or a Crime Fiction Writer or reviewer, please do contact me.


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